About Us

About Us: Crown and Co

Crown and Co, Founded by Lamar Cato in 2024, which showcase aesthetically luxury fashionable watches, have the craftmanship to create jewellery and creative mind for apparel.
Embarking on the Jewellery industry in 2009, Lamar Cato learned the fundamentals of jewellery at a family-owned business as well as goldsmith courses and began to progress in this field where as time went on he was introduced to luxury watches.
In 2015 to late 2023 Lamar worked with some of the biggest watch companies in the world and was inspired by the global impact watches have had but also felt it was time to create something people feel confident and great wearing without feeling you may need to be extra vigilant as from personal experiences and stories began to increase.
The Crown and Co journey continues to move in the right direction trying to change the narrative that your watch does not needs to be a high-ticket price to make you feel of top echelon and that you can have expensive taste and wear affordable luxury which is what we represent.